Toc toc toc ! « Des bonbons ou un sort ? »

Beautiful easy to make monarch butterfly Halloween costume. I love the tutu! Here is a link to make this type of tutu without sewing only difference is you would add ribbon: plumtickled.

Maquillage Halloween moitié belle moitié squelette fleurs cheveux costume d'Halloween

Halloween is alright, but Día de los Muertos is as cool of a holiday as it gets. Also known as “The Day of the Dead,” this holiday is a Mexican tradition that honors the dead and brings family together for food and celebration. Women traditionally paint t

Halloween Snack Idea for Kids

Love this healthy Halloween snack! Apples, peanut butter and marshmallows create cute sets of teeth! Just cut your apples into slices, spread on peanut butter and put marshmallows between the two slices!

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