☤ ☞ MD ☆☆☆ Maslow's hierarchy of needs - updated.

Maslow 2.0

Maslow's hierarchy of needs - updated. This is beyond funny we were just saying in psychology that Maslow did actually revise his original pyramid. I don't this this is what he had in mind

true! hier soir, accuse mal comprendre et se dispute, on reçue des 5 cadeux depuis 3 mes amis(que de mecs.... ce par hazard).,.. , et dernier mec me envoyé invite au spa en suisse. 4 coins dans planète ce rien, moi j ai envié vivre lune de miel tous les jours....

Sticker mural 4 Coins Noir et rose 30 x 55 cm …

Great Gatsby...Part II  The Dress and Decorations

Love this quote from the Great Gatsby! Could write it on a chalkboard frame sign and put it somewhere at the reception.

Justement fallait réfléchir avec de détruire la notre ..!!!

Well, we just have one life. I want to get a tattoo of the word or number one. To temind me we only have one life and once chance to make the most of it

Je te respecte mais putain ferme ta gueule #LesCartons

i respect you but fucking shut your big mouth. lol its only eloquent because its en francais

...Knowing, thinking, dreaming is everything... Victor Hugo

How to be a Parisian -the fun way

Maybe my next tattoo on my ankle:) Knowing, thinking, dreaming is everything - Victor Hugo