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Frank Lloyd Wright. Richard Lloyd Jones House; Tulsa, Ok. 1929

Glass Conservatory - Jones Residence "Westhope" / 3700 S. Birmingham Tulsa, OK / 1929 / Textile Block / Frank Lloyd Wright

"The Architecture of Luis Barragan"

"The Architecture of Luis Barragan" :: This is melancholic of architecture in Lima

Cour Royale à Tiébélé photo by Rita Willaert

Cour Royale à Tiébélé (by Rita Willaert) Tiebele, Burkina Faso, West Africa

Lotus House (2005) | Villa, Eastern Japan • Kengo Kuma + Associates. "In traditional Japanese architecture building elements are very small: wood, rice paper, and sometimes stone. Usually there is space in between those elements to allow for natural breezes. I apply these methods in my own architecture in designing modern buildings." ― Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma Lotus House "I have thought of filling water between the river and the house and planting lotus so that the dwelling would be conveyed by the lotus to the river and continue into the woods on the other side of the river" kk

Cave House par Alexandre DE BETAK


Check out these natural home design ideas, courtesy of this stone house by Alexandre de Betak. Hidden away in a small village in Majorca, “Cave House” is the epitome of.

The Jungalow on Instagram: “We are all connected. This beauty from @jessicamenda shot at #arcosanti #jungalowstyle”

Arcosanti is an experimental town began in 1970 and is still being developed today in