aller voir les cerisiers en fleurs au Japon (Sakura, lantern, Japan)

Japon : le hanami et la floraison des cerisiers

~ Pastel Japanese lantern among spring Sakura blossoms. ~ The dusk cast a soft lavender light over everything ~

Geisha, “art-person” — consists of two kanji, 芸 (gei) meaning "art" and 者 (sha) meaning "person" or "doer".

In full costume, the geisha must perform her duties regardless. After all, she is a thing of beauty who does not speak nor answer back.

Découvrez l'architecture nippone de Mateusz Urbanowicz ! | Bento&co

Découvrez l'architecture nippone de Mateusz Urbanowicz !

Maiko in Kyoto

), geiko (芸子) or geigi (芸妓) are traditional, female Japanese entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance-maiko are apprentice geisha by Sam Ryan

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Maiko. Kyoto. Japan.

geisha-kai: “October junior maiko Ayaha of Pontocho applying the red lipstick (SOURCE) ”