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Magic Transistor

Alexander Theodor von Middendorff, Aufzählung und Beschreibung der zur Meersfauna Russlands gehörigen Einschaler, 1894.

"The time has come," the Walrus said,. "To talk of many things:. Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--. Of cabbages--and kings--. And why the sea is boiling hot--. And whether pigs have wings." -- Lewis Carrol, The Walrus and The Carpenter. Siren Mermaid, Mermaid Art, Mermaid Paintings, Tattoo Mermaid, Mermaid Tails, Fantasy Mermaids, Mermaids And Mermen, Real Mermaids, Mythical Creatures

Golden mermaid

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blue - fish - Illustrations from Marvels of Things Created and Miraculous Aspects of Things Existing (Ajā’ib al-makhlūqāt wa-gharā’ib al-mawjūdāt - كتاب عجائب المخلوقات وغرائب الموجودات) by Zakarīyā’ ibn Muḥammad al-Qazwīnī, originally published in Medieval Manuscript, Medieval Art, Illuminated Manuscript, Medieval Drawings, Illustrations, Illustration Art, Mythical Sea Creatures, Strange Creatures, Petit Tattoo

Marvels of Creatures and Strange Things Existing

Kitab Aja'ib al-makhluqat wa Gharaib al-Mawjudat literally "The Wonders of Creation and the Curiosities of Existence", or Marvels of ...

demonagerie: “Princeton University Library, Islamic Manuscripts, Garrett no. Qazwini, ʻAjāʾib al-makhlūqāt wa-gharāʾib al-mawjūdāt. “The copy (or the text?) is dated Ṣafar 895 or 865 and signed ʻAbd Allāh son of ʻAlī Bey Damāvandī. Medieval Manuscript, Medieval Art, Illuminated Manuscript, Mythical Creatures, Sea Creatures, Nautique Vintage, Medieval Paintings, Illustration Art, Illustrations

Animaux hybrides des mythes et légendes • Bouche à Oreille .org

Dans les mythologies, toutes les hybridations animales sont possibles : chèvre à tête de lion, serpent à tête de coq… et même dans les bestiaires médiévaux, représentation d'animaux d’autres continents ressemblent à des hybrides. Une petite exploration s’impose…