Mickael Argyre

Mickael Argyre

Paris / Chocolat Curieux Je suis Mika ! Apprenti Geek, apprenti bloggeur, Apprenti créatif et gourmand confirmé. Curieux de tout et du monde qui m’entoure, je prends
Mickael Argyre
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Destiny Patch Fixes More Stuff - There is a new patch out for Destiny today. The patch fixes stuff Bungie broke with its last patch and adds a few things I think high level players will like. Hit the link for the

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Dual Fatebringers by Springs

Destiny fan art by artist Joshua Cairos

My awesome gamer wife and I love playing Destiny, so I surprised her with this. by artist Joshua Cairos

Destiny Ghost Edition

Destiny Ghost Edition : I remember seeing someone with that red ghost wondering where the heck they got it from.

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