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some people are wearing colorful clothing and headdresses while holding their heads together
Banjouge dancers, Cameroon Postcard | Zazzle
an elaborately decorated headdress with feathers on it's face and tail
Mask Ensemble of a Kuosi Society Member - African Collection
some people are wearing colorful costumes and headdresses while holding their hands up in the air
Bamileke elephant mask dancers - Stock Image - C024/6449
an african man in traditional clothing and headdress with feathers on his head, standing next to a tree
Bamileke elephant masks
the headdress is decorated with beads and other things on display in front of a blue sky
The Fralin Museum of Art, U.Va.
an elaborately decorated figure stands in front of other statues
Account Suspended
an elaborately decorated piece with feathers and beads
Ndop, il tessuto color indaco realizzato in Camerun
a black and white drawing on a piece of paper with lines in the middle,
Tissus de coton peint ancien « Ndop » dans... - Lot 261 - Gros & Delettrez
an intricately designed blue and gold cloth
Display Cloth (Ndop) | The Art Institute of Chicago
an old blue and white cloth with designs on it
Collection Online | Museum of Anthropology at UBC
a piece of cloth with blue and white designs on it
(#166) An exceptionally large Chief's ndop cloth,Cameroon
an african sculpture with geometric designs on it's body and head, standing in front of a white background
Mask (mbap mteng): Elephant (aka) | Cleveland Museum of Art