Knot pillow

Make your own celtic knot pillow perfect for any chair, couch or bedroom. No advanced sewing skills required! Such a fun and unique pillow.


Knots Pillows That Will Never Disappoint You.

Knotted pillows – sew and stuff tubes, then knot away! Perhaps use the scrap fabric from the curtains… Knotted pillows – sew and stuff tubes, then knot away!

Rising furniture, création en bambou Robert van Embricqs.

Rising furniture by Robert van Embricqs. Finding inspiration for his designs in bone structure, plant life and movement, one question remained ever present: ‘to what degree is the object you

Meuble Design

THE WOOD COLLECTOR Roll Up Chair Jelena Matic Wood Processing & Furniture Design, University of Belgrade Work inspired by Sustainable Workshops at the University

Form “Urban philosophy Chair”--- this chair is beyond unique it is nothing I have ever seen before.

Chaise minimale par NN Design Band

“Urban philosophy Chair” - Designer Nissa Kinzhalina‘s Urban Philosophy is a chair made of transparent acrylic with a thin, black, contiguous line running along an outer edge.

Full of bright colors and funky textures, these decorative cushions and stools from Knots Studio are guaranteed to be conversation starters, the spunky seating is inspired by the sea and the city.

Knotty Cushions & Stools from Knots Studio

Chaise Decompression de Matali Crasset #design

Chaise Decompression par Matali Crasset

:: HEART:: brilliant concept Vinyl hammocks in a department store in Tokyo, by Japanese firm Ryuji Nakamura Architects.

::RETAIL:: Vinyl hammocks in a department store in Tokyo, by Japanese firm Ryuji Nakamura Architects.

"Le fauteuil Quetzal" designed by Marc Venot

Le fauteuil Quetzal par Marc Venot

The Quetzal Armchair is a visually stunning armchair designed by Marc Venot for Missana. The conical seat of the armchair is covered by 14 overlapping feather-

DESIGN >>> Obsession Series par Kwangho Lee - Journal du Design

DESIGN >>> Obsession Series par Kwangho Lee

With this series, Korean designer Kwangho Lee interweaves and braids soft PVC tubes to create armchairs, sofas and small pieces of furniture.

Susanne Westphal – The discovery of slowness.

Susanne Westphal

Mechanical Perspective chair - Artem Zigert (Kazakhstan)

Chaise perspective par Zigert Artem

Le mois Pierre Paulin

Le mois Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin, ensemble Dune, 1970-2015. Issu du programme d’aménagement modulaire Herman Miller pour le domestique. Prototype réalisé en 2014, présenté à Miami lors de l’exposition Pierre Paulin: Playing With Shapes organisée par Louis Vuitton, 2014.

Le mois Pierre Paulin


Le design écologique imaginé par Ronel Jordaan