Volkswagensafari.jpg (535×368)

Volkswagen Amarok: "Safari" Print Ad by Below, Lima

3262005249_dde7d7a008_b.jpg (857×1024)

Brilliant Ads That Grab Your Attention With Clever Headlines And Copy

armanibatmanmagad1.jpg (2550×3232)

The Dark Knight: Bruce Wayne wears Armani

tigobig.jpg (2400×1505)

Tigo: Slide to have roadside assistance on your phone !

lexus_iad_si_oct12_560.jpg (560×742)

Lexus print ad by comes to life with an iPad

Ad-Electronic-Recycling1-731x1024.jpg (731×1024)

A robot poos electronic stuff! But really, this print advertising campaign from Euro RSCG is a tongue-in-cheek execution of quite a serious issue (electronic recycling). The tag line, 'potty train your e-waste'.

popular-print-ads.jpg (500×646)

Awesome Ads and Stuff : Photo

Esquire_RW_Parsifal_QR_code.jpg (1080×1455)

These are a series of creative watch ads selected from my own archive. These are great examples of press campaigns and print ads from mostly luxury watch brands.

Blog-Exstinction-Print-Advertising.jpg (580×387)

Stunningly Creative and Unforgettable Print Ads - noupe Panasonic TV: Dino This ad for Panasonic reflects the quality that Panasonic TV’s possess, giving you the illusion of the reality.

Print-Ads2.jpg (600×848)

30 Coffee Inspiration ,Tutorials ,Brushes For Photoshop Lovers – Photoshop Website – Tutorials,Brushes & more.

scotch.jpg (600×424)

Creative & Effective Advertising by Scotch

Apple-advert.jpg (1359×759)

This advertisement already talks about the MACBOOK laptop as seen on the advertisement headline. This advertisement is straight to the point and promotes the laptop.

enhanced-buzz-wide-11654-1375024832-16.jpg (990×1400)

Stop climate change before it changes you, WWF Ad

4d8a21647106c6926a1e6cd3ac1e145a.jpg (600×424)

4d8a21647106c6926a1e6cd3ac1e145a.jpg (600×424)

Ferretti-yachts.jpg (1564×1106)

When the Master is away. Ferretti Yachts Ad by Leo Burnett

time-magazine-flowers-small-99533.jpg (600×811)

The Print Ad titled FLOWERS was done by Fallon Minneapolis advertising agency for Time in United States.