Pour éviter que les dés ne volent dans tous les coins...

Classroom Tour: A Peek Inside my 5th Grade Classroom

Put two dice in a small container. No more lost dice. No more kids crawling all over the floor trying to find the lost dice.

Comparaison de nombres

Using real objects to make math more concrete - comparing numbers Alligator more or less

L'arbre à compter

Going to try this with laminated pieces and round magnets on the pom poms to make a cookie sheet game Simple Apple Tree Addition Game ‹ Mama.

dessin à numéros pingouins

Ask students to map colour to number. Good way to explain the same data (number) could represent different things, and the need to have a colour scale.

Les ateliers individuels de manipulation inspirés de la pédagogie MONTESSORI - La f@ce c@chée de la cl@sse - Iconito

Ask the child to place the same number of clips on to match the number shapes on each card. Strengthens the Pincer Grip and Counting.