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the garden is full of green plants and white concrete blocks, with trees in the background
Steno STED
two people sitting on concrete benches in a courtyard area with greenery covering the ceiling
Plant curtain drapes over Breathing House by Vo Trong Nghia Architects
Breathing House by VTN Architects in Vietnam
an outdoor area with stone walkways and plants
The owner of fabric house Claremont turns a Sixties house in London in to a slice of America's west coast
a wooden walkway with green plants growing on it
Ipe deck and sedum LiveRoof trays at the International Place Roof Terrace in Boston, MA.
an open courtyard with benches and grass on the ground in front of some apartment buildings
Charlotte Garden by SLA / Stig L. Andersson
Charlotte Garden by SLA / Stig L. Andersson « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
the grass is growing on the side of the building and it looks like stepping stones
ASLA 2007 Professional Awards
there are many small trees in the middle of this courtyard, but no one is present
Project: PJ8 Showhouse | SEKSAN DESIGN - Landscape Architecture and Planning | paving | Landscape design, Landscape architecture, Landscape
an empty park with grass growing on the ground and stairs leading up to trees in the background
Waterdoorlatende bestrating met een groen uiterlijk in Krabbendijke
there is a dog that is walking on the bridge over the water with tall grass
a stone path in the middle of some trees
The Pedagogic Urban Garden Edouard Glissant by Exit Paysagistes