Comment faire des boutures de romarin et de lavande .

How to propagate rosemary- works for lavender too. Harris take that lavender i gave you and propagate it. I'll propagate rosemary for you!

Des plantes intérieures qui purifient l'air !

10 Houseplants That Clean Indoor Air. I like the aloe plant: it's useful for your skin, pretty to look at, and cleans indoor air.

fleurs des champs

Fields of wildflowers in southern Cali.I remember the poppies and lupine of the High Desert well growing up. - Be A Gardening Star

Des plantes utiles à la santé - Bien être, santé, relaxation, massage, stress, shiatsu, Qi Qong; phytothérapie, remède de grand-mère

Tips On All The Benefits A Massage Can Bring You. A massage can help you forget about your troubles. Keep reading to learn more about massages.

Inspiration : s'aménager une terrasse de rêve - FrenchyFancy

Inspiration : s'aménager une terrasse de rêve

Plantes dépolluantes de l'air intérieur                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

18 plantes dépolluantes de votre maison, selon la Nasa.

ALA just released its 2016 State of Air report and it's not pretty. If you live in Los Angeles, you will definitely want to continue reading, in fact if you reside in California many cities have been ranked highest on the ALA's air pollution worst.


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Conseil pour planter un citronnier dans un pot à partir d'un pépin de citron

Citronnier en pot à faire pousser à partir d'un simple pépin

Lemon Tree citrus lemon 10 seeds perfect house plant small tree can be container grown hardy zone

Je mange et je cultive #avocat                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Invite Nature In With 20 Incredible Indoor Plant Ideas-homesthetics how to grow an avocado tree at home gardening

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