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I need to find out what that color on the bottom is! "Ladies, let's ditch the tacky acrylic french tips & update your wedding look!


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Moon Manicure "One of the biggest trends for fall is the moon manicure also known as the reverse French manicure," says Valinoti. " Thakoon, Ruffian, and Threeasfour all did it, and the look is definitely back.

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Top 10 Nail Polish Trends in 2017

DIY reverse french manicure 2015 step by step tutorials and designs.How to do Half moon reverse manicure and crescent french manicure

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Our Korean-beauty correspondent, of visited one of Korea's most famous nail gurus to discover the coolest nail trends in Seoul. Tap the link in our bio to meet the woman behind the best nail art you've ever seen!



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