Hell yes.

I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it. (Erica Cook) I only compete with myself, some people find that hard to believe.

No Rain, No flowers, No pain No Gain, The most beautiful flowers are the ones blasted by the storms and maybe a rugged on the other side, but they stand nonetheless.


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Les "erreurs" sont des expériences, apprenez de vos expériences.

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Astuce pour réussir un créneau en voiture

L'Astuce Pour Réussir un Créneau à Chaque Fois (Révélée Par un Conducteur de Bus).

C'est impossible dit la Fierté C'est risqué dit l'Expérience C'est sans issue dit la Raison Essayons murmure le Coeur ♥

❤Laudace …it’s impossible, says pride…it’s risky, says experience…it’s a dead end, says reason…try, murmurs the heart…

La vérité, Boris Cyrulnik

La vérité, Boris Cyrulnik [The truth To find happiness, you have to risk misfortune. If you want to be happy, we must not seek to flee misfortune at all costs. We should rather investigate how - and thanks to that - we can overcome it.


I would not die before you use her mouth with my mouth his body with my hands the rest with my eyes

Les Beaux Proverbes – Proverbes, citations et pensées positives »

Proverbes, citations et pensées positives. When your past calls you, don´t answer, it has nothing new to tell.


That's right, sometimes my mind is quiet like this.but most days it's so wild the lines can't be seen. Oh and there's color. Lots of color.


Nah in most cultures means "No". In my culture, it means an assuring "Here, take it from me". Only family and close friends use it with each other. With a change of tone, it could also mean a dismissive "That that, sucker!" to a rude person.


If only i had as much time as ideas. Quote by Fifi Mandirac

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People do or say things to get a reaction from you.if it's for them to see a negative reaction, don't give them the satisfaction! No reaction is the best satisfaction for yourself!