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the words cut see bottoms up are in black and white
Asmodee- Brainbox
Cul sec ! (literally: butt dry) | Bottoms up! | /ky sɛk/
a blue background with the words to sulk
Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Boxed Set Collection: The Cat in the Hat; One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish; Green Eggs and Ham; Hop on Pop; Fox in Socks
a bunch of stickers with different types of fruits and vegetables written in french on them
Food expressions avec des fruits et des légumes
an orange background with the words quii de neuf? - what's new?
English Grammar in Use with Answers and CD-ROM: A Self-Study Reference and Practice Book for Intermediate Learners of English
quoi de neuf? - What's new? Want more French phrases? Check out this e-book for all the essentials you need to travel in France with confidence. Get it now at
the words se faire dublier to keep a low profile
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se faire oublier: to keep a low profile | For more French expressions you can learn daily, get a copy of this e-book from Talk in French:
a poster with the words expressions in french and an image of a cloud on it
Et bien avec ça on ne peut pas dire quon ne savait pas!!! ahaahaha
an old french menu with the words 5 ways to say goodbye in french
Raisons d'Être: Archive
a beintot!
a blue background with the words nimporte qui and whatever on it
some type of font with different types of words on it's back side, including the
Oo French
the words are written in black and white on a gray background that says, se mettre le doit dans'eiel to be entirely mistaken
Se mettre le doigt dans l'oeil = To be entirely mistaken (Lit: To put one's finger in one's eye)
the words in french are black and white
French Words
(To have the memory of an elephant)
the words je neurs de fam are in black and white
Je meurs de faim (literally: I'm dying of hunger) | I'm starving | /ʒə mœʁ də fɛ̃/
the words are written in white on a dark blue background, and there is an image of
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Être dans le pétrin - to be in a mess | Get your daily dose of French expressions with 365 days of French Expressions: Essential Edition. For only $3.90, get a wide range of figurative expressions and colloquial terms including literal translation, actual meaning, usage examples, and weekly recap. Get it here: