French Grammar Rules: Your Guide to Verb Tenses

French Grammar Rules: Your Guide to Verb Tenses

A program that has a very empathetic customer service department for any technical questions to afford full quality and comprehension.

What's your language level?

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What's your language level, a guide for self-assessment, based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages for Via Optimae.

Could change this to "I think you're Super!" and make classroom friend Valentines out of the idea.

" and make classroom friend Valentine's out of the idea. Love options that are unisex and not at all suggestive.

French is a funny language

French is a funny language

Qui suis-je? Lis les indices pour eliminer les personnages jusqu'a ce qu'il reste un personnage.

Jeu de comprehension de lecture ecole // French reading game

Teach Your Child to Read - Qui suis-je? Lis les indices pour eliminer les personnages jusqua ce quil reste un personnage. - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Pour la rentrée: Je me présente!:

Great way to start year in blanks, teach verbs to form sentences, write in paragraph, present orally, students ask/answer personal questions.

Jeux SANS préparation. Parfait pour les ateliers pour la pratique de mots usuels!

Jeux de Mots (Le son "on") Ateliers, No Prep, French Phonics, French immersion)

Ice Breaker Game: Each take a certain number of MMs without looking, share the coordinating info/memories/stories, etc.

First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Great back to school ice breaker: get to know you game idea. When it is your turn reach into your bag of MMs. Answer the question corresponding to the color for everyone to hear. Eat your MM!

Un jeu de dés pour faire travailler de manière ludique la description physique en classe de FLE ou de langue.

Demonstration of more complex dice game for talking and listening. Can be adapted for all languages.