DIY | Des portes-serviettes design avec une vieille ceinture | - @decocrush

DIY : Des portes-serviettes design avec une vieille ceinture

The age old tiny bathroom question: where do you put all your stuff? And why do towels take up so much space?

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Before: Orphaned Keys Old keys can pile up quickly in drawers and lead to confusion. After: Wall Hooks Add a bend to your old keys & you've got the perfect wall hook.

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Storage knob Displays in Pinks, Red, Coral, and Shabby Chic Wood. These would be really easy to make as mismatched coat racks.

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Don't have a closet? Clothes spilling out of the one you have? Keep your frequently worn threads handy and accessible on a free-standing clothing rack: Make Way for Fall Clothes: Wardrobe Storage Solutions to DIY