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chicken and olives on a baking sheet ready to be cooked in the oven,
Our Favorite Chicken Drumstick (Chicken Leg) Recipes
Chicken drumsticks or chicken legs perfect for marinading, deep frying, grilling or slow cooking. Their versatility lends them to many easy dishes. Pick up a pack from your supermarket and try one of the creative recipes in our collection for a supper your family will love.
the food is prepared and ready to be eaten on the grilling pan for consumption
Our Favorite Minced (Ground) Lamb Recipes
Easily available, lamb mince takes centre stage in a rich diversity of dishes. From the simple and comforting – Shepherd's Pie, and Keema Pilau – to the fresh and surprising – Lamb Larb, and Matzo Keema Kugel. An easy lamb supper need never be boring.
a white bowl filled with meat and veggies on top of a tablecloth
French Menu Inspired by The Taste of Things Movie
The Taste of Things is a delectable movie of food and love, starring Juliette Binoche and Benoît Magimel. Directed by the award-winning Trãn Anh Hùng, with such meticulous attention to detail and understanding of French food and gastronomy, three Michelin star French chef, Pierre Gagnaire, was appointed as Culinary Director for the film's production. This collection of classic French recipes includes some dishes featured in the film: Pot Au Feu (the movie's original title), Baked Alaska, Vol-...
some meat and vegetables are on a baking sheet with oranges, onions, and seasonings
Easy Pork Chop Recipes
Pork chops are easy to come by, and easy to cook. They make a great weekly meal. But how to keep them interesting and delicious. These recipes show you how and give you plenty of ideas. Braised or pan-fried, on a bed of red cabbage or in a crusty roll, marinated or with Chinese seasoning, here's how to pep up your pork chops.
a plate with some food on it next to bowls and spoons filled with sauce
Perfect Peking Duck
Peking duck is probably the most famous dish of Beijing (formerly Peking). Chefs and cooks from around the world now use various techniques to acheive the perfect crispy skin for Peking duck. Our collection brings together a number of recipes whose aim is to produce a shining golden crisp skin, with moist, succulent duck meat inside, with a fine aroma that's free of excess fat.
a white bowl filled with food on top of a blue table cloth and silver spoon
Satisfyingly Spicy Soups
When the temperature drops it's time to warm up by diving into a bowl of hot, hearty spicy soup for dinner. These carefully culled recipes will satisfy all the preferences you have to please around the table.
several pastries are sitting on a glass cake platter, along with other desserts
20 Gluten-Free Cakes to Share with Friends
Gluten-free cakes are sometimes unfairly maligned as being dry or coarse-crumbed. We beg to differ, and so we have compiled our favorite gluten-free baked treats from among ckbk's recipe trove. Moist and delicious, these confections are entirely share-worthy at your next gathering.
an omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach in a cast iron skillet
Our Favourite Air Fryer Recipes
The air fryer uses convection oven technology to cook food in a way that tastes similar to fried food, but that uses just a small amount of oil – essentially using hot air instead of immersion for a healthier result. It is also low on energy usage making it a popular kitchen gadget right now. Discover some of our most popular recipes in this collection.
a black plate topped with food on top of a blue napkin
Plant-Powered Dinners for Veganuary
You're determined to get through January fueled by plant-based goodness alone, but now the strain of coming up with appealing, filling meals is beginning to stress you out. Don't sweat it! We've pulled together a collection of substantial, hearty vegan meals that rate super high on the deliciousness scale and will also keep your appetite in check.
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate
Perfecting Panettone
Panettone, a yeast-risen sweet enriched bread, studded with candied peel, is Italian for Christmas. This selection of recipes brings all you need to make your own. Or there are several ideas for great puds if you have any leftover – unlikely as it is so delicious! Perhaps buy one specially, as panettone bread and butter pudding is hard to resist.
a pot filled with meat, potatoes and carrots
Roast Pork
"Joints of pork cooked by roasting or braising are popular as cold dishes in many countries. The stock which accumulates during cooking jellies when cold and is served chopped as a garnish. It is also interesting to note the presence of a small but widespread group of dishes using combinations of pork and seafood, especially clams and shrimp." Alan Davidson in The Oxford Companion to Food
a chocolate cake sitting on top of a white cake plate with one slice cut out
Chocolate Cake
A good chocolate cake should be rich, moist, and delicious. Here is a collection of some of the finest chocolate cakes that ckbk has to offer.
a casserole dish with meat and cheese in it next to a fork, knife and plate
"Since medieval times, lasagne have been a popular feature in the range of pasta products. Recipes have changed over the centuries, but the advantages of a pasta which comes in sheet form, for certain dishes which cannot otherwise be made, have been a constant in the kitchen. Lasagne verdi are coloured green with spinach." Alan Davidson from the Oxford Companian to Food
a slice of carrot cake on a plate
Carrot Cake
"Carrot cake has its origins in the Middle Ages, when sugar and honey were far too expensive to use lavishly". says food writer Regula Ysewijn "In those days, carrots were considered a sweet food. During the Second World War, many carrot cakes were made in Great Britain because there was a surplus of carrots. Carrots are, of course, very healthy, which is why the Ministry of Food promoted cooking with carrots and a special leaflet wit...
a casserole with cheese and meat is on a table next to two cups of coffee
Rice Puddings : The Ultimate Comfort Food
Made with a base of rice cooked in milk (dairy milk or vegan milks such as coconut milk) and sweetened with honey, sugar or syrup, rice pudding is loved by many cultures and cuisines across the globe. Each region has its own unique take on the dish - many add nuts and spices like cardomom, cinnamon or nutmeg to it, and some use black rice. In the Middle East pistachio slivers and rose petals are added before serving, for a more fragrant look and feel. Enjoy our creative collection when you fe...