Hé ouais, dur réalité ^^                                                       …

Sticker mural Les princes existent au rayon biscuits Noir 40 x 60 cm

Et écoute sa benjamin ❣️

Je suis responsable de ce que je dis. Je ne s :: uis pas responsable de ce que…

image drole femme

I think it's not funny. It means that men don't have feelings and women have too much. EVERYBODY feels different things a day and it's totally okay WHY saying that a man has a day like that and a woman is always changing her feelings it makes no sense at

personnaliser tee shirt Je continuerais demain

Today I am doing nothing & if I do not finish, I will continue tomorrow.

House tour: Pays Bas

Rire et sourire...!"(humour noir...!")

-do you believe life is more beautiful after death ? - it depends. After death…

Gif Panneau, Humour


Gif Panneau, Humour