Bayan Tree Art Project.

ARTipelago: Beautiful Banyan Trees from India using black tempera paint and oil pastels.

DIY Bird Paper Art DIY Bird Paper Art: Mother's Day

Use felt instead of paper? (via How To Make Paper Art bird home decor step by step DIY tutorial instructions

paper cat

Book Week Use this template to have students write about the cat character (feelings, behaviours or in general) and pop up on display. Three cats’ stories in paper

cork crafting

Definitely for the more advanced crafters, but how cool are these wine cork bird houses?

ultimate paper flower tutorial | dahlia paper flowers diy

So you’ve seen Rahel Menig + Lux & Jasper’s wedding ideas and DIY concrete vase tutorial already (if not, better open some new tabs! Now it’s time to get the how-to behind these paper dahlias that a

Free printable lantern house

FREE printable coloring paper house lantern //Print out this .pdf, paint the house, cut it out, fold and glue the four walls of the house by using the tab (left). Create with me art center