British designer Tom Dixon has created the Etch Web pendant lamp. Description from Tom Dixon: “ ETCH WEB is a vast wide shade with an unusual open structure, designed to cast atmospheric angular.

A Dozen Elegant, 3-D-Printed Lamp Shades

Some very interesting designs - Printed lamp shade collection by Samuel Bernier, via Behance

Early mornings wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot tea. My favorite place to be:) Only thing that could make it better is someone to share it with.

This lampshade design would be considerably harder without the use of a printer. What an intricate design!

lamp shade  3D Print.Join the 3D Printing Conversation:

printed lampshade design from the whole of mankind’s creations to date,

printed lamp from Bathsheba Grossman & MGX by Materialism utilising crazy mad geometric shapes.

demanddesign: “ esvoir: “ modelarchitecture: “ processingmatter: “ Echo Shift by Zachary Eastwood-Bloom ” ”

Lamp shades by Martin Zampik are inspired by visual appearance of heat-sinks visible for example on industrial lamps or nowadays on LED bulbs. printed and designed to work with IKEA cord set SEKOND.

While provocatively curved, she is indeed very shy! She only allows a glowing glimpse of what she holds inside. A light shade for LED tea-light or Lux

Andrea Morgante abstracts Peroni beer bottle into shapes based on Italian architects, designers, and history.

We’re experimenting on a new lamp design. The idea is to play with the distribution pattern of varying degree of translucency and transparency. Taking the simpl



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