Etch Web Lamp by Tom Dixon

British designer Tom Dixon has created the Etch Web pendant lamp. Description from Tom Dixon: “ ETCH WEB is a vast wide shade with an unusual open structure, designed to cast atmospheric angular.

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A Dozen Elegant, 3-D-Printed Lamp Shades

Perfection! Cable knit blanket and a steaming cup of dark, rich, coffee.

Early mornings wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot tea. My favorite place to be:) Only thing that could make it better is someone to share it with.

3d print lampshade designed by the 3D Printing Conversation:

This lampshade design would be considerably harder without the use of a printer. What an intricate design!

lamp shade  3D Print.Join the 3D Printing Conversation:

printed lampshade design from the whole of mankind’s creations to date,

ceramic 3d print

demanddesign: “ esvoir: “ modelarchitecture: “ processingmatter: “ Echo Shift by Zachary Eastwood-Bloom ” ”

Martin Zampach

Lamp shades by Martin Zampik are inspired by visual appearance of heat-sinks visible for example on industrial lamps or nowadays on LED bulbs. printed and designed to work with IKEA cord set SEKOND.

Shy-light by virtox - Thingiverse

While provocatively curved, she is indeed very shy! She only allows a glowing glimpse of what she holds inside. A light shade for LED tea-light or Lux