PHOTO BACKDROP Using only scissors/exacto knives, and adhesives, kids could design and build a habitat that encompasses their "personification" or a (habitatification) of their ongoings of their thoughts/imagination/ideas.

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raining / umbrella - Stitching Photographs: embroidery + photography by Diane Meyer. Link to awesome article on fantastic work by various articles who combined photographs and embroidery.

Déco de mariage fleurs en papier géantes, Etsy - La Fiancée du Panda blog Mariage et Lifestyle

Inspiration déco: l'affaire des fleurs en papier géantes

Cut Paper Sculptures and Illustrations by Elsa Mora

Elsa Mora works creates spectacular paper cut illustrations for magazines or book covers, but also


Geometric Paper Animal Sculptures By Wolfram Kampffmeyer

Flamingo Papercraft Kit - This big Flamingo Figure in typical geometric Paperwolf design wants to stalk through your room. As always, this papercraft kit consists of 33 already cut and perforated pieces which makes it ea.

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