The Easiest and Most Satisfying Salad You'll Ever Make

Hydrating Salad

Pin for Later: 22 No-Cook Dinner Recipes When Nights Are Hot and You Need Something Light Cucumber, Black Bean, Avocado, Corn, and Tomato Salad

Fresh and Filling, This Protein-Packed Salad Makes the Perfect Post-Workout Meal

Sesame Ginger Quinoa Salad

Sesame Ginger Quinoa Salad Fresh and Filling, This Protein-Packed Salad Makes the Perfect Post-Workout Meal

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Les plus délicieuses recettes saines pour votre menu équilibré!

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Cool Off With Our 250-Calorie Cucumber Avocado Caprese Salad

Cucumber Avocado Caprese Salad

Add more volume and texture to classic caprese salad by mixing in diced avocado and crunchy cucumbers. Get the recipe: cucumber avocado caprese salad

Fresh, Filling, and Fast: 350-Calorie Burrito Bowl

Fresh Burrito Bowl

Burrito Bowl- Move over, Chipotle. This healthy burrito bowl recipe is half the calories and easy to make (the secret is precooked chicken breast). In under 10 minutes, you'll have a fresh lunch that hits all your Mexican takeout cravings.

A High-Protein Vegan Salad For Post-Workout Bliss

Black Beans in Mango Sauce

Black Bean and Mango Salad: After a hard workout, this gluten-free bean salad is the perfect protein-packed meal. It has more than 13 grams of fiber and nearly 17 grams of protein to fill you up and help your muscles recover.

Detox Your Weekend Away With a Raw Veggie Salad

Colorful Veggie Salad

Colorful detox rainbow salad will add some brightness and flavor to a day of detox. The water content in romaine works to hydrate your body, while the high fiber content in the red cabbage and carrots aids in healthy digestion. All these veggies are in

If You Can't Get Enough of Chinese Chicken Salad, Try This Much Lighter Recipe

Asian Chicken Edamame Salad

Colorful, crispy, and packed with nutrition, this Asian chicken salad will satisfy your cravings and keep you full longer. With nearly 20 grams of protein and clocking in just over 230 calories per filling portion

Winter Warm-Up: Black and White Bean Soup With Sweet Potatoes

Black and White Bean Soup With Sweet Potatoes

Old man Winter has blown in and brought with him an insatiable desire for warm, savory soups. This black and white bean soup with sweet potatoes is a twist on the classic black bean soup recipe, and it's under 300 calories a bowl. Don't use canned beans.

Low-Carb, Low-Calorie, and High-Protein: Tortilla-Less Soup

Tortilla-Less Soup

Low-Carb, Low-Calorie, and High-Protein: Tortilla-Less Soup ~ This fresh and spicy tortilla-less soup is full of fresh produce and weighs in at less than 200 calories per satisfying serving.

The Tempeh Recipe You've Got to Try

Mexican Tempeh Quinoa Salad

Warming, Healthy Comfort: Spicy Chicken Chili

Spicy Chicken Chili

Slow Cooker Meals Under 400 Calories-Spicy Chicken Chili, Vegan Split Pea and Sweet Potato Soup, Mexican-Style Chicken, Southwestern Three-Bean and Barley Soup, and Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

Red Lentil Tomato Soup Recipe

Tomato Lentil Soup

Red Lentil Tomato Soup- Very hearty and tastes like a textured tomato soup. Must eat with bread!

Gwyneth Paltrow's Favorite Protein-Packed Lentil Salad

Lentil Salad With Mustard and Tomatoes

Lighten Up Chicken Salad With a Secret Ingredient

Greek-Yogurt Chicken Salad

Fameuse salade de chou "japonaise"... qui n'a en réalité rien à voir avec le Japon !

Cabbage & Sesame salad - In France, we call this salad "Japanese" although it has nothing to do with Japan.