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Name: Carol Age: 16 Carol likes dancing, clothes, and peace signs. She also loves her world peace group she's in.

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Age: She loves sleepovers and ice cream, really all sugar. She likes hanging out with her friends. Please adopt!

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Name: Kora Birthday : Agust Power: super strength hobbies: playing sports all sports.


Adopted by: IvyC. Name: Sadie Age: 15 Sadie likes horses, the country, and working hard. She hates animal haters. PLEASE ADOPT!

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Name: Joan Age: 16 About Joan: Joan likes to go on bike rides with her friends and hanging out at the smoothie serving shop. Just put ADOPT in the comments for adoption!

Les princesse Disney version swag

Name: Jessie Favorite color: navy blue Favorite object: drinking Starbucks Age: 16 ADOPTED

Les princesse Disney version swag

Adopted by Sarah Vanderwall: This is Julie who is 16 she loves to take selfies and have fun with her friends! She is a lovable teenager!

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Name: Sunny Age: 16 Sign: Leo Description: Sunny lives to travel and doesn't want to only have one home. She hopes of living in Hawaii one day.

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Name: Mary About Mary: Mary likes to take a 1 mile jog every morning before breakfast and watching horror movies with her friends. Her best friend Kate practically lives with her. (You'll technically adopt Kate to)

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She loves Starbucks, vintage stuff, and is very shy. She hates Bears, heights and squids. Belongs to FAY T

She is 14 years old, and loves fashion. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She has her bad girl moments, and wants to go to Paris. Please adopt Sandy!