Citation - Jacques Prévert

Citation - Jacques Prévert

I've recognised happiness by the sound it made when it left - Jacques Prévert, French poet

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I'm strong because i was low, i'm mistrustful because I've been betrayed, i laugh because i was sad. And i live today because tomorrow nothing is sure.

Victor Hugo, Le Rhin.

Le Rhin Excuse my grade translation abilities "I am nothing, I know it, but I make up my nothing with a little bit of everything.

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Crying can feel good sometimes. You'll not break from that, you'll take a breath and keep on going ! Crying requires strengh of mind and braveness ! Keep on fighting baby girl, you'll get there 😚

affiche citation " il doit rester quelques rêves d'enfants cachés..."…

There must be some chilhood dreams hidden under my pillow, I will try not to crush them with my head heavy with adult cares.

In the morning, you can stay in bed and continue your dream, or get up and make it come true.

in the morning, you can stay sleeping to continue your dream, or you can wake up to achieve it