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Friskies® DIY Homemade Cat Toys: "Irresistiball" made of toilet paper tube rings with optional treats inside.

Cat toys made from toilet paper rolls - if you dont mind sweeping away the bits and pieces..

Cat toys made from toilet paper rolls. Bob and Sam thumb half down. Play time - approx 30 seconds, after which toilet paper roll toys remained ignored. Final scoop - not really interested.

Skitters Cardboard Cat Toys Set of 3 toys by hauspanther on Etsy

Cats Toys Ideas - Skitters - Cardboard Cat Toys (Set of 3 toys) - Ideal toys for small cats

Comment recycler un rouleau de papier toilette ? En un jouet pour chat. Mon petit Plume en est fou, c'est un jouet très simple mais qu'il adore. La durée de vie de ce petit jouet varie, mais vous p...

DIY L’irrésistible balle pour chat

Recette Friandise pour chien par dinan22 - recette de la catégorie Basiques

Friandise pour chien

Recipe Friandise pour chien by learn to make this recipe easily in your kitchen machine and discover other Thermomix recipes in Basiques.

Diy Jouet pour chats.                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Cats Toys Ideas - DIY eco friendly cardboard ball for cat, from www. - Ideal toys for small cats

Jouet pour rongeur - Rampe pour lapin Agility pour rongeurs

Rampe pour lapin Agility Kerbl

Kerbl Rabbit Agility Rocker Wooden See Saw Toy Guinea Pig Mouse Gerbil Hamster

Pet gifts crafts are ideas of crafts to make for a family’s,  or a friend’s, beloved pet. DIY pet gift ideas: pet  beds, gift baskets, sweaters, leashes, toys, treats, collars, travel pads, scratchers

27 Spectacular DIY Pet Gift Craft Ideas

Treat your favorite kitty to a Recycled Cardboard Kitty Pad. Cats love cardboard and it may even encourage it to use it as a scratching pad.