Champ de Mars, Paris, 1957  Photo: Jean Mounicq.

[ Jean Mounicq - Reflets de chaises et de la Tour Eiffel, Paris, 1957 ] hay que sentarse en esas sillas y no preguntar… ¡no preguntes! Have to sit in those chairs and must not ask …Don't ask

Ketty La Rocca

Italian artist Ketty La Rocca leading exponent of body art and poesia visiva movements - Appendice per una supplica (Appendix for a prayer) 1974

Eve Arnold

“ 1950 Photographer: Eve Arnold Subject: Gala Opening, Metropolitan Opera, New York City gelatin silver print ”

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton, Italian Vogue, Bordighera, Italy, 1982 - editorial grayscale black & white portrait up close styling makeup composition series

Nina Leen

Watching Movies in Pic 1 : Drive In movie, rear view of young couple snuggling behind the wheel of his convertible at a drive-in movie theater. Photo by J. Los Angeles, Pic 2 : Teenage couple hold each other in a movie theater.

Paul Wolff - Italy

Italian Vintage Photographs ~ ~ Paul Wolff - At the Bay of Naples - Italy 1930

Anna Karina Elle march 1959 by Georges Dambier

Anna Karina in wool camel-hair coat by Jean Patou, photo by Georges Dambier, ELLE, March 1959

Virginia Woolf's writing table [Gisele Freund]

Gisèle Freund - Virginia Woolf’s writing table at Monk’s House, Sussex, England