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there are many knives in the holder on the table
20 General Craft Storage Ideas - The Scrap Shoppe
an open pink and black board sitting on top of a wooden table
DIY Dollar Tree Rotating Tool Organizer! | Pegboard Storage
Difficulty: Easy Supplies: • Dollar Tree Pegboards + Accessories • Lazy Susan - Amazon (linked in video) • Krazy Glue
a white cabinet with scissors and other crafting supplies on it's sides in front of a computer desk
a white wire basket sitting on top of a wooden floor next to scissors and paper
7 Amazing Craft Organization Ideas You'll Love
Easy Paper Storage Trick | Craft Organization Idea | Clever Storage Solution
a stack of white shelves sitting on top of a counter next to a can of soda
two pictures with different types of items in them and one has a hole puncher
three white boxes stacked on top of each other in front of a painting and couch