Voici une idée lumineuse que j'avais repéré en fouillant sur le net. Il m'a fallu d'un petit tour dans le grenier de ma grand mère et de récupérer une guirlande de Noël et le tour est joué !! Un éclairage tout en douceur et une super idée donner une seconde...

Big lit up vase to put in the second room next to the door

amenagement lingerie, deux lave linge superposés dans une buanderie bleue

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Accrocher ses photos // Hëllø Blogzine www.hello-hello.fr

Accrocher ses photos // Hëllø Blogzine www.hello-hello.fr

Today, especially for you, we made a collection of amazing DIY Tree Branches Home Decor Ideas That You Will Love to Copy.

Pigna nappa / ornamento con fiocco tela e nuova dimensione

Pine cones are a most beautiful natural ornament. Cones of all sizes part of an autumn display transition easily into winter and Christmas decorations (idea: add white glitter on tips of cones)

Jewelry Organizer - super bonne idée !

Enjoy these 15 creative, DIY ideas for jewelry organization. I love creating jewelry organizers out of things we already have. Frugal, creative and fun!

Take a picture with a thank you sign for thank you cards after the wedding (just maybe not a kidding picture)

Wedding Photography Thursdays: An Intimate Low-Key Wedding.instead of a sign maybe one holding a script thank on a stick the other with you?

Des trucs qui pendouillent

What if I stuck a lightbulb sticker in my office, carefully aligned and placed on the wall behind me to look like its floating above my head as people walk in :) - DIY @ Craft's

Objet en bois flotté cadre en bois flotté decoration nature mobile bois flotté

50 idées pour la déco bois flotté

Ninho de Páscoa rústico | Eu Decoro

Ninho de Páscoa rústico | Eu Decoro