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a large green plant with wavy lines on it
chance a simple gardener
tulip leaves
. Green Plants, Botany, Botanical, Botanica, Plant Life
Cosy and The Gang
a white wall with a black frame and some green leafy plants on the wall
the poetry of material things
a bunch of green leaves on a white background
some green leaves and red flowers in the water
a plant with large green leaves in black and white
blurry photograph of palm leaves in the foggy day with only one leaf visible
Kristina Dam Studio | Collection AW14
botanic postcard | kristina dam studio
a plant is shown in front of a white wall
The Poster Club | Special Reader Offer (The Design Chaser)
a plant with green leaves on it in front of a white wall and grey background
a plant that is growing out of the ground
a branch with leaves is shown against a white background
some very pretty looking plants with big leaves on it's back end and long green stems
a plant with green leaves is shown against a white background
plante verte.
a single leaf is shown on a white background
| A N O M A L I E N | 2 0 0 9 |
✖ Jared Fowler
a branch with leaves is shown against a white sky background in this artistic photo, it appears to be looking up at the branches
an olive tree branch with green leaves in the foreground and blurred, out of focus background
branche d'olivier. My grandfather John DiCostanzo's family were olive farmers in Italy. That must be why this photo draws me in.
some very pretty green plants on a white surface
Modern Hepburn
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a poster on the wall
— ( Selaginella Plana )
Selaginella Plana
a black and white photo of some plants
gin 'n' bird
a plant with green leaves and white spots on it
the branches of a palm tree against a white wall
black and white photograph of leaves blowing in the wind on a glass window sill
Melissa Tran on... Kunie Sugiura & Adam Fuss
Kunie Sugiura
some white leaves on a black background
Urban Outfitters