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Aquatic Exercising Ads: The Sport Life Fitness Club Campaign Shows Bulging Bellies and Toned Thighs (by Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine)

Pepsodent: Don't let food stay too long

Pepsodent Torsion : Fish - "Don't let food stay too long" (Advertising Agency: Lowe, Jakarta, Indonesia)

“Atari. Since 1972.” / Advertising Agency: The Republic, New Zealand / Art Director: Greg Wylie

Since 1972 Advertising Agency Designers Republic - New Zealand Art Director Greg Wylie

The most clever anti-smoking advertisement ever - Imgur | Pinned by

The most clever anti-smoking advertisement ever

Good way of describing the harm your lungs go through. This anti smoking campaign is really clever as it uses a well known came to show how smoking damages the lungs.

Brilliant Travel Ads: New campaign by Expedia uses airport code tags as copy. Btw, there are over 9,000 airports around the world, each with its own 3-letter code

Brilliant Travel Ads

A new Expedia print campaign from Ogilvy uses airport IATA codes to great commercial ads