I added to this blah blah: I love this idea for boudoir, showing lots of skin with nothing too naughy either. Very bold and stylish and 'me' this! information about Author - Tono Stano - but its allways deleted - I dont understand why.

Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts - I love her laugh and her smile. A woman who is unafraid of laugh lines is a beautiful, real woman.

A walk in the rain. Paris, 1934.

Les jours de pluie

Book Club: She Matters: A Life in Friendships: Susanna Sonnenberg: A chronology of friendships through one woman's life and her effort to understand their roles in her life.

Meeting around a baguette - France, 1950

Gang of Paris France, 1950

Atelier Robert Doisneau's Tour Eiffel

Robert Doisneau: Le remorqueur du Champs de Mars, Paris, 1943 Walters smith Honore this would be such a cute picture to reenact with Cecily and Ambrose when they are older. Obviously maybe not in Paris though haha

"Et au milieu coule une rivière." ( Robert Redford ) / Caniveau en eau. / Gutter in flood. / Paris, France.Robert Doisneau, 1934.

The water running the street is a good capture for a black and white.mimbeau: Gutter in flood Paris 1934 Robert Doisneau

Nos si jolies têtes blondes by Russian Carpet

what a great photo.little boys who imitate men.a very important observation in life.your little man is always watching you.