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a painting of people walking on the beach
Clémence Renault - La pointe - 2017
two people standing on the beach next to a sailboat with white sails and black lettering
Clémence Renault - Hobie Cat time - 2017
two children are playing on the beach by the water
Clémence Renault - Petits joueurs - 2016
a man riding a bike next to a little boy on a bicycle down a road
Clémence Renault - Vélo jaune et petit vélo - 2017
a man reading a newspaper while laying in bed with his head on the pillow as he covers his face
Clémence Renault - Le canapé est très confortable - 2016
a little boy that is standing next to a pole on the beach with water in the background
Clémence Renault - Soleil doux - 2016
a person riding a bike down a dirt road next to a tall tree and fence
Clémence Renault - La mer est haute! - 2016
a man standing in front of a sailboat with the number 8042 on it
Clémence Renault - Eloi - 2016
three women sitting on the beach in bathing suits
Clémence Renault - Conversation - 2017
a group of people standing on top of a beach next to the ocean at sunset
Clémence Renault - Sunset Marshmallow - 2017
two girls are looking out at the ocean
Clémence Renault - Elle n'est pas froide - 2016
an image of a house by the water
Clémence Renault - Vue sur mer - 2016
there are many people standing on the beach with small boats and sailboats in the water
Clémence Renault - Premier cours -2017
a man looking out the window of a boat at an ocean with ships in the distance
Clémence Renault - Par la fenêtre - 2016