heureuxlescailloux - jazz au lavoir ’11 - collectif Heureux les Cailloux - Evelyne Mary et Didier Mazellier (France)

This poster is a great example of a good use of a grid. The type is artistic in itself and no additional graphics are necessary. The colors set each other off without being upsetting to the eye.

Expositions - Une Saison Graphique - Les Graphiquants

Poster by Les graphiquants. In We Were Invited to exhibit at the High School of Art and Design of Le Havre. The exhibition present the fonts That Have Been Drawn .

With V for Vote, by Javiay Jaén

A cool idea for a marriage invite (if only I knew two people who had the same initial and were getting married! My parents both have names starting with V. Typestanding with Javier Jaén, artist and.

Les Graphiquants | Atelier de graphisme à Paris

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