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there is a piece of cake that has been cut in half on a cutting board
Bûche Passion/Coco/Chocolat au Lait
Alliance parfaite passion-chocolat lait-coco
a christmas tree made out of fruits and vegetables
#DIY this is perfect for a dessert table at Christmas! #Christmas #ideas
small glasses filled with food and garnished with limes
Verrines de crevettes, mangue et guacamole
a piece of cake with fruit on top is sitting on a black plate and has writing underneath it
Page d'aide redirection
buche meringuée citron framboise
three pieces of brownie decorated with green icing and candy canes
Unusual food for the holiday table, Browse Creatively Decorated with Christmas Dishes - TheFabWeb
Cut brownies into triangles, decorate like a Christmas tree, then use a peppermint stick as a tree trunk.
green buttons are stacked on top of each other in the shape of a christmas tree
alinea journal - actualité idées déco – alinea - page 1 – alinea
Christmas tree macaroons
three different types of pizzas with cheese and sauce on them
Le sapin feuilleté - La faim des bananes
Mon beau sapiiiiiin, roi des forêêêêts!... que j'aime ta garnituuuure . Voilà, me péter la honte avec une vanne pourrie, ça c'est fait. L'idée de ce sapin feuilleté, je l'ai vue sur facebook et de partage en partage, je ne sais plus d'où elle vient. Pour...
a close up of a cake on a table with pearls and other items in the background
Buche de Noel pink
the instructions for making snowmen made out of eggs and carrots are shown here
Egg Snowman from