Dès qu'on ouvre un livre...

Butterflies Paper-Cut Sculpture by Su Blackwell. Her work is often within the realm of fairy-tales and folk-lore. I began making a series of book-sculpture, cutting-out images from old books to create three-dimensional

Did one like this in black & gold, but could do it again.  must try with large black frame and silver circles or white or blue???

No knitted knickers: Quilting for a cause

L'art du papier #2 : 100 créations incroyables & originales à découvrir - édition 2015 | BlogDuWebdesign

L'art du papier #2 : 100 créations incroyables & originales à découvrir - édition 2015

Papercut illustration by Ceres Lau

Toilet paper origami

Toilet paper origami - gonna do this to freak out my family

OIseau en papier #oiseau #papier #paperart

Nyanko Sensei - dancing crane Diagram by Robert J.


How To Create Swedish Advent Stars Using Recycled Book Pages

diy swedish advent stars from recycled book pages, christmas decorations…

Michelangelo Pistoletto  I find this installation interesting because the perceived and experiential qualities of walking through is something completely different than what can be seen from above.   It begs the question of necessity with all of the complications and intertwining within the "walls" when they don't seem to offer anything but an aesthetic appeal from a seemingly impossible viewpoint.


'The Labyrinth', a maze of 2100 meters of cardboard created by Michelangelo Pistolleto at Galleria Continua This reminds me of quilling- paper art. using small strips of paper to make a picture

theme cerisier en fleurs

Sakura Kusudama you have to buy her book to get directions but ill try searching. I like the beads which she sees on with long beading needle & nylon thread.

3D laser cut typographic quote by David Gill, via Behance

Laser cut typographic concept for an ipad 2 support and a design for an exhibition

origami bowl

origami bowl - Can't find this on site, but looks like a Vaso di Ginervra by Roberto Gretter in QQM

Lovely!!! Inspiration for paper "wind chime" hanging of sorts...

Mes nouveaux rubans gourmands sont arrivés !!!!!!!!!!

Su Blackwell’s paper dress installation, While You Were Sleeping (it makes me think of the end of Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride")

Zim & Zou Create Atlantis At Hermès Beverly Hills http://patriciaalberca.blogspot.com.es/

Zim & Zou Create Atlantis At Hermès Beverly Hills

Atlantis (Hermes window design) by Zim And Zou, via Behance


Creative Typography poster from Neue Show Us Your Type. An online publication posting creative typography posters of cities, designed by creatives around the world

Et les mots s'envolaient comme un vol de flamands ...

And the words flew off the page like butterflies, flitting into her soul and swirling in her stomach. But she had never seen a butterfly before. through that book. did life become infinitely more beautiful.

White wedding paper lace for altar backdrop

Paper lace curtain - love the texture