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two women sitting on a bench in front of a fountain with flowers and fruit around them
a painting of a woman holding a bird cage
a woman wearing a green head piece and veil
Nurgül Yeşilçay
a painting of two women sitting on the floor
The work of Sir Alma-Tadema, or the Victorian Classicism
two women dressed in pink and white are standing next to each other, one is holding her arm around the other's shoulder
a painting of a woman smelling a vase with flowers
An evocative reappraisal of a Victorian great - Alma-Tadema: At Home in Antiquity, Leighton House Museum, review
two women sitting in front of a fountain with birds and flowers on the ground next to them
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an image of a woman laying on the ground in front of other women and one man
a painting of a woman in white holding a vase with flowers on the table next to her
George Lawrence Bulleid ♧ Victorian-Era painter
a painting of a woman sitting on top of a hill with lavenders in the background
Morning Philip Hermogenes Calderon
a painting of a woman in a dress next to a basket with flowers on it
George Lawrence Bulleid (1858-1933) | Lost In Thought