Ce colosse spectaculaire de 11m a été érigé à la fin des années 1500 par le célèbre sculpteur italien Giambologna. (Florence-Italie)

À Florence, en Italie, un colosse gigantesque du 16ème siècle dissimule des pièces secrètes en son sein.

red-lipstick: Gigantic century sculpture known as Colosso dell’Appennino, or the Appennine Colossus located in the park of Villa Demidoff (just north of Florence, Italy). It was erected in 1580 by Italian sculptor Giambologna Italy).

1855 - L'île de la Cité avant Haussmann | PARIS UNPLUGGED

1855 - L'île de la Cité avant Haussmann | PARIS UNPLUGGED

Chapelle Sixtine - http://www.letempsdestribus.com/le-vatican-cadeau-du-ciel.html

Sistine Chapel in the Apostolic Palace, official residence of the Pope in Vatican City. Michelangelo painted sq ft of the chapel ceiling between And the Last Judgment Michelangelo's crowning achievement.

The Vatican, Roma ; la force de la foi, la mémoire centenaire, la beauté architecturale.

The Vatican, Rome, Italy- hands down my favorite place in Europe I have visited.So breathtaking and it really makes you feel proud to be a Christian. There is so much religious history in this place.

Naples (Italie)                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

As of March Easyjet connects Brussels with Naples, the most Italian town of all Italy, 4 times/week. Brussels Airlines already flies to this beautiful city.

Paris - La rue de Venise vers 1910, "une des dernières ruelles du Moyen âge...

this is right over by the Pompidou Center - I believe they've spiffed it up a little since then.