DIY gilded agate coasters - Beautiful. These would make wonderful handmade gifts!

DIY Gilded Agate Coasters

Unexpected Layers of Glass Added to Stones and Books par Ramon Todo #JUXTAPOSITION de verre et de cailloux. Donne un rendu plutôt élégant et raffiné.

Born in Tokyo. Using stones and bricks with history and culture of the land, he creats the sculpture of the stones put in polished glasses. Coming and going from Japan to Dusseldorf, he is actively engaged in creating. Living in Dusseldorf. 1969 born in T

Mathias Kiss

Parisian Interior Artist Mathias Kiss

French-Hungarian Interior artist Mathias Kiss is the type of guys who paints tromp l’oeil skies on Catherine Deneuve’s and Parisian palaces ceilings, who does interior design

gem stones.

organic lines / color combination / muted: Rock Illustration, Illustration Crystal, Mineral Illustration, Vintage Mineral, Gem Tattoo

Peintures de Cristaux par Karina Eibatova

Peintures de Cristaux par Karina Eibatova

Mineral Admiration: Watercolor Paintings of Crystals by Karina Eibatova watercolor rocks posters and prints illustration geology