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Please visit our official Website : A referenced PvP player group. Headquarters: Munfayl System.
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a green and white emblem with stars on it
1st Contact. Médaille unique, remise à Rapture XXV car il fur le premier à entrer en contact avec les Aliens, le 5 janvier 3303
the logo for constiun flight academy is shown in blue and gold on a white background
Logo de la Consilium Flight Academy (CoFAc)
an advertisement for black birds squadron featuring a woman holding a flag and wearing a yellow dress
WILCARD [CG2] : Journées Portes Ouvertes [BH]
WILCARD [CG2] : Journées Portes Ouvertes ©CMDR Blackseraph
a shield with the words protocole cerber on it and an image of a
Protocole Cerbère - Black Birds - ©CMDR Aymerix
an info board with many different logos on it
Organigramme du Black Birds Consilium
an emblem with five stars around it
Insigne de l'Ordre Noir Black Birds. ©CMDR Blackseraph
the logo for gogg's jirivias samson with skulls on it
Prise de Samon. Médaille unique donnée aux participants de la 3° Guerre de Munfayl remportée le 9 avril 3302 ©aCMDR Aymerix
the black birds squadron logo is shown on a white and black hexagonal background
a red and black emblem with a skull on it
Death Hawks - CMDR Mike Bering
the black birds fighting league logo on a white and gold circle with space in the background
Black Birds Fighting League ©Black Birds - CMDR Blackseraph
the emblem for an electronic device that has been designed to look like a star trek logo
Black Birds Racing Association ©Black Birds - CMDR Blackseraph
the black bird logo is shown in this screenshot from the video game's title screen
Weapons specialist ribbon ©Black Birds - CMDR Aymerix
the black bird logo is shown on a dark background with yellow stars and an eagle
Race winnner ribbon ©Black Birds - CMDR Aymerix
a red star shaped object with an emblem on it
Rapture vs Rapture special medal ©Black Birds - CMDR Aymerix
the black bird squadron is back
Black Birds Ad ©Black Birds Squadron - CMDR Blackseraph