Celtic gate

Tree Portal Mandala I love everything about this gate: the mixed use of metal and wood, the mandala window, the tree with is filigree roots and branches, and it's placement within the stone wall. The whole thing feels.

Compartiment secret.

Bedpost hidden compartment, always looking for ideas for hidden compartments! 'Cause I need to build in hidden compartments in the toy boxes.

Gothic Beauty, Dark Beauty, Gothic Home, White Witch, Haunted Mansion, Rock Fashion, White Dishes, Nu Goth, Paths

- Jarra en plata y cristal tallado . Alemania , 1880 ./tcc/

German Silver Claret Jug, Heilbronn 1880 - Bruckmann Magic genie lamp - your wish is my command

Skull Embossed Rolling Pin - keep.com

Wedding venues: How about this fancy - Skull Embossed Rolling Pin for decorating your cookies, dessert and candy bar? Not just for holidays, celebrate and call an expert wedding travel planner, ask for PJ

exotic forged iron jewellery

Haute Industrial Rings

exotic forged iron jewellery - Blind Spot Jewelry from Italy treats iron as a precious metal, creating rings, bracelets and earrings with utmost detail. Blind Spot Jewelry also.