(DIY) YOU sew ABC / SSC with C&C fabrics

Moms and designers enjoy sewing ABC with our fabrics availables by the meter because they are both flexible and resistant.
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a mannequin wearing a black vest with white stars and pink bows on it
a woman taking a selfie with her baby in a spider costume on the elevator
Cheer Skirts
Trousers, Mom, Pants
the back of a black dress with ruffles on it's sides and an orange mannequin behind it
a white mannequin wearing a blue and white hat on it's head
Babywearing, Baseball Hats
Cuore a cuore babywearing: onbuhimo, marsupi strutturati,mehdai cuoreacuore
three different views of a mannequin's torso wearing a blue and pink top
the back of a pink and black backpack on top of a mannequin head