( DIY) YOU sew clothes with C&C fabrics

More and more designers use our gorgeous fabrics to creat their own makings brands ; clothes, bags ...
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a black and yellow outfit with pandas on it, sitting on the floor in front of a wooden floor
Nike, Fashion, Athletics, Clothes, Diy, Tops, Men, Mens Tops, Athletic
Jumpers, Design, Sweatshirts, Cie, Sew, Brand
Bags, Cheer Skirts, Gorgeous Fabrics
Fabric, Fabrics
a baby's green and brown outfit hanging on a wall next to a tag
a baby's green and white outfit hanging on a wall with a tag attached to it
Women, Strapless
two pairs of baby pants sitting on top of a table
Tracksuit Bottoms, Trousers, Sweatpants, Pants