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a light that is hanging from the ceiling with some lights on it's sides
boule 60 branca
Luminária Boule | Arkpad
a black and white object with a light in it's center on a table
Felt Light by Snarkitecture | Archello
a modern light fixture hanging from a ceiling
Frond Series
Frond Series - Ciara O'Neill
a white ball shaped like an intricate pattern
an origami light hanging from a string
Store - Ciara O'Neill
a white paper light hanging from a string
Store - Ciara O'Neill
a white light hanging from a ceiling with multiple shades of white paper folded in the shape of hexagonal shapes
a white light hanging from a ceiling in a room with a wall behind it that has an interesting pattern on the surface
a piece of wood with a red string hanging from it's end on a white wall
lighting COMMON - nortstudio light fixture design
nortstudio | Led tube lighting fixture COMMON is made of one piece of solid oak. The 300 cm cord is fabric covered either in red or black. The steel cables come with an adjustable ceiling attachement.
a blue light shines on the wall next to a potted plant in a dark room
Vertige x Lumineux
Ewiger Lauf, Rolf Sachs © Rolf Sachs
an illuminated cube in the middle of a dark room
two people are standing in an empty room with white walls and artwork hanging from the ceiling
Lucio Fontana: Ambienti Spaziali, 555 West 24th Street, New York, May 3–June 30, 2012 | Gagosian
Ambienti Spaziali by Lucio Fontana, light installation, Gagosian Gallery, NY