Nike 2012 My Time Is Now Campaign

Nike 2012 My Time Is Now Campaign by Golden , via Behance The design/ layout shows emergence but the boldness of the soccer players' emotions also show emergence ^^

Cineplex: Lily & the Snowman | Ads of the World™

No, I’m not crying, I just finished cutting a bag of onions. Every winter, a magical snowman puts on a show for a little girl. But over time, life pulls them apart. Will she remember to take the time for what she loved?

#Storytelling Potente! Un brand che racconta la storia di due fratelli apparendo solo marginalmente. Da vedere

Johnnie Walker Dear Brother by Dorian Lebherz, Daniel Titz. Daniel Titz & Dorian Lebherz direct this inspiring spot for Johnnie Walker.

▶ Nike Hypervenom: Neymar Jr. - Carve out a path, then attack it - YouTube

Wieden+Kennedy London tapped us for the launch of the new Nike Hypervenom II boots. The campaign is centered around Nike’s star athletes, as we literally go…

Coca-Cola | Brotherly Love #TasteTheFeeling - YouTube

Coca-Cola Global "One Brand" Ad Campaign 2016 "Taste the feeling" - Brotherly Love

'Just Do It' 25th Anniversary Nike Commercial Denotativo: Presentan la marca Nike, con diferentes individuos practicando diversos deportes.  Connotativo: Te hacen una invitación  para utilizar tenis o prendas con esa marca y lo hacen motivándote con diferentes deportes, para que te animes con la frase "just do it".

Nike's anniversary 'Just Do It' commercial featuring LeBron James, Gerard Piqué, Serena Williams, Andre Ward and Chris Pine, and voiced by Bradley Cooper.

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