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two people walking down a leaf covered path in an autumn park with yellow leaves on the ground
Photo à Lillebonne (76170) : The best is yet...
Dans la forêt de Lillebonne
several beach huts are lined up on the sand near the water's edge, against a blue sky
Photo à Yport (76111)
Digue promenade à Yport
two colorful boats sitting on top of a sandy beach
Photo à Yport (76111)
Barques à Yport
several bales of hay in the middle of a field with an ocean in the background
Photo à Le Bourg-Dun (76740) : La mer
Le Bourg-Dun : la mer
a foggy field with a fence and house in the distance on a sunny day
Photos Saint-Maurice-d'Ételan , Seine-Maritime
Seine-Maritime - Château d'Etelan