Longboard Stroller

Longboard Baby Stroller for the parents that rather skateboard than ride a bike with a seat for the kid.


Sunny skies are coming, and your child wants a cool, new way to have fun in the sun. Introduce him or her to longboarding, one of the fastest growing sports in the world !

fixed shadow

Skateboarding Guadalajara, Mexico

Free running / parkour. Check out the Tempest free running academy:

Palestinian youths practice their parkour skills in Khan Younis in southern Gaza. Parkour athletes run along a route, using obstacles to propel themselves. The practice originiated in France.

If you cant balance on your feet...

Skateboarding in New York City, 1965 Bill Eppridge


Nike Skateboarding “Lance Mountain’s Pool Service" Video: Lance Mountain, one of the original members of the Bones Brigade back in the independently

Mischo Erban down-hill longboarding

Canadian longboarder Mischo Erban broke the Guinness World Record for fastest skateboard speed from a standing position with a km/h mph) downhill run on a road in Les Eboulements, Quebec. Erban caught the feat on his helmet cam: