Lofted beds with walk-in closet underneath.This is by far the coolest thing ever

Lofted beds with walk-in closet underneath. Good when you're short on bedrooms for all of the kids. Loft beds and instead of a closet underneath, it could be the kids "rooms" for private and quiet time.

The ULTIMATE CHILDREN'S DREAM ~ A Lego Wall, promoting creativity, independent playing & "Play Dates" will ALWAYS want to be held @ this Child's House/room...

8 Ideas for Kids' Bedroom Themes

Why does this have to be for a boy! Another Pinner: "Super fun idea for a little boy's room! My brother was super in Legos as a kid -- perhaps they should do this in Corin's room?

Upcycle Us: An other furniture upcycled into kids kitchen. CUTE!

DIY Christmas Gift Idea ~ Old TV stand made into a cute Play Kitchen. Norie needs a play workbench more than a kitchen, but you get the idea. Oh, and please, for the love of god, not hot pink.

Homemade spotlight. Instructions are in French, though.

Lampe spot boite de conserve Baroque /make a lamp from an old tin covered with beautiful paper

Oh heck yes! I want both!!

Cute bedding for kids -after they out grow the care bear nursery

Toy storage-- Wooden frame but, I'd use bungee chords for the bars instead of wood-

Stuffed Animal Zoo- give the kids a hat with 'Zoo keeper'.And let the Zoo keeper clean up ;-) Needed this 20 years ago when my mom sent my 3 kids over 101 stuffed animals until I put a stop to it!

Hat Hooks

Jute Knob Hat Hooks { Hat Storage

Wooden knobs covered but paint gold, coral, teal, gray for room theme

So cute!

Tree with shelves. This might be neat in a family room as a "family tree"--shelves could hold old family pictures.