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a map of water and land in the middle of the ocean with lights on it
The Metabolism of Albania
an old map of the middle ages, with blue borders and lines in different directions
Carte géographique — Wikipédia
Carte géographique — Wikipédia
the diagram shows an arrangement of different types of plants
Carte géographique — Wikipédia
Carte géographique — Wikipédia
a pie with different toppings on it and the number of ingredients in each pie
Ombrie — Wikipédia
Ombrie — Wikipédia
the map of india is made up of many different types of vegetables
bento, boite à repas japonaise
carte de l'Afrique en nourriture
a black and gold brochure with an image of a plant in the middle
Scotland, warped according to drive times from Edinburgh
tried to visualise what Scotland would look like if it was warped by drive times from Edinburgh. The map is centered on Edinburgh city centre. Angles are preserved, but the distance from the centre is the drive time rather than geographic distance. Used QGIS (pgRouting Layer plugin), PostgreSQL, PostGIS and pgRouting. Road network is OS Open Data, crown copyright and database rights 2015. more details on my blog
an info sheet with information about the north pole and its connections to different places around the world
7 Graphics of Earth's Coolest Phenomena, From Rainbows to Earth Wobble
7 Graphics of Earth's Coolest Phenomena, From Rainbows to Earth Wobble
a computer screen with an image of a green and black object in the middle of it
Baidu Uses Map Searches to Predict When Crowds Will Get Out of Control
China’s leading search engine, Baidu, says user data can help it predict when real-world gatherings become so large they’re dangerous.
the earth is lit up at night and it looks like there are lights in the world
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Africa at night from space...humbling
an image of a city map that is colored green, yellow and purple in the dark
2010 Census: Children less than five years old in Chicagoland
“This map shows the distribution of children less than five years old in Cook, Lake, Kane, McHenry, Kankakee, Kendall and DuPage counties as reported by the 2010 U.S. Census. Each dot represents a single child.”
an interactive map shows the most populated cities in the united states, according to its population
2011 cartographiée
La carte “Naming Rivers” montre comment différents facteurs culturels et linguistiques ont influencé le nom des caractéristiques géographiques des États-Unis.