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Maps of your organs or your body. #Constellatio
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a sculpture made out of legos in the dark with blue light shining on it
22 of the Coolest Sculptures You'll Ever See
a woman's face is shown in the dark, with bubbles coming out of it
Radiohead - House Of Cards
an image of the human body and its functions
The Real-Life Westworld
the back view of a woman's torso and neck, with various angles to show how
人体肌肉-花瓣网|陪你做生活的设计师 | APP学习更多精彩教程,手机微博点击链接后按右上角按钮,用网页游览器打开下载 】(图片转载于网络)@绘画圣地网 @福利神社 @獵奇鉴定中心 @技术宅社区_浮生绘画馆 @CG窝数字艺术家园网 @铁皮人插画
four different views of feet and ankles
Organic - /u/Lilyo
an illuminated sculpture in the shape of a woman's torso on a black background
#Constellatio. Sculptures en Verre - L'Artiste Néo Zélandais Ben Young utilise l'un des matériaux les plus fragiles pour donner vie à ses Oeuvres, le Verre. Ce sculpteur des temps modernes manie avec précision et délicatesse le Verre Transparent, s’inspirant de l’environnement dans lequel il vit.
four different types of drawings are shown in the same image, and each one has an individual
Croquis de modèles vivants : poses moyennes.
Croquis de modèles vivants : poses moyennes. Nude human sketch
an array of images showing different types of objects in the dark sky, with text overlaying them
#Constellatio #Human #Body #Map #2RISE FUTURISTIC MEDICAL INTERFACE by on @deviantART
an image of the muscles and their major superficials, labeled in english or spanish
labeled muscles of lower leg
Related to Human Arm <b>Muscles</b> Anatomy Constellatio
an image of the inside of a human head with various diagrams and graphs on it
Motion Cloning - Territory Studio
Territory Studio - Motion - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron
a computer screen with an image of a person's head and brain scantropy
Motion Cloning - Territory Studio
Territory Studio - Motion - Avengers: Age of Ultron
an x - ray image of a human skeleton in the center of a digital screen
Motion Cloning - Territory Studio
Territory Studio - Motion - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron #ConstellatioAgency #ConstellatioAgence #Constellatio
a drawing of a skeleton holding a bird in it's beak and sitting on top of a rock
Skeleton drawings by Paul Schwarz - Skullspiration
Paul Schwarz {human torso vertebral column skeleton drawing}
the major blood vessels are labeled in this diagram
Blood Vessels: Types, Anatomy, Function & Conditions
circulation in the legs #Constellatio
an x - ray shows the different areas of the abdomen and chest that are labeled
Thoracic Spine Radiographic Anatomy
Lateral radiograph of the thoracic spine with labels.
an image of the anatomy of the colonse and its corresponding parts in this diagram
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Anatomy of the Colon (large intestines). The color scheme helps to clarify the… #Constellatio
an image of a man with muscles in his body and head, standing on the ground
Historical Anatomies on the Web: Jacques Fabian Gautier d'Agoty Home
Jacques Fabian Gautier d'Agoty: Anatomie generale des viscères en situation, de… #Constellatio
a diagram of the human skeleton and its functions
What Makes Humans Special?
What Makes Humans Special? by scientificamerican: HALLMARK TRAITS of the human body did not all arise anew in our species. Instead they emerged piecemeal in our forebears over millions of years. Many of these traits seem to have helped support two defining trends in our evolution: upright locomotion and tool use. #Infographic #Human_Body #Evolution
an illustration of the human body with labels on its torso and chest, including ribs
1892 Victorian ANATOMY Print Viscera Entrails Bowels | Etsy
1892 Victorian ANATOMY print , viscera, entrails, bowels, guts, innards inside the human body, medical art lithograph. $16.00, via Etsy. #Constellatio
an old book with a diagram of the human body and its organs, including the stomach
1843 Antique Bizarre ANATOMY Print GUTS Innards Casings | Etsy
1843 Antique bizarre ANATOMY print, GUTS, innards, casings, entrails, tripes…
an old book with diagrams of the human torso and back muscles on it's pages
it had me at hello...
#anatomy #Constellatio
an antique medical illustration of the human body
Atlas D'anatomie Descriptive Du Corps Humain
Atlas d'Anatomie Descriptive du Corps Humain 1844-46. ◙ Find more 19th century anatomy: #Constellatio
an image of a foot with muscles drawn on it
Inspirational Artworks: ANATOMY IMAGES
an old book with two bone illustrations on the front and back cover, both showing bones
William Cheselden
an image of the back of a woman's head with red thread on it
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Skeleton embroidery insani-mens: Fabulous Cat Papers #Constellatio
an image of the inside of a human stomach with labels on its structures and functions
Kidneys: anatomy of a glomerulus -- From the afferent arteriole, blood flows into the glomerulus, which is a series of specialized capillary loops. It is through these capillaries that water & small particles are filtered from the blood to make urine. The remaining blood leaves the glomerulus through the efferent arteriole